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KaMUN 2019

From November 15th to 17th we are expecting some 150 to 200 students from across the globe to join KaMUN – The Black Forest Summit 2019. This year will mark the 10th edition of KaMUN and we will entertain four different committees with different levels of expertise required.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will negotiate the terms and conditions for Sea Rescue of refugees.

The Economic and Social Council, ECOSOC, will consist of all 54 current members of the ECOSOC and aims at find Pathways towards a clean energy transition while keeping in mind their socioeconomic impacts.

We will have the General Assembly First Committee, often referred to as Disarmament and International Security Committee, DISEC. The debate will assess questions around arms in outer space.

The highest institution of the United Nations is the Security Council. In this committee, each country will be represented by two delegates working together towards an improvement of the situation in Yemen.

For all questions, check our website www.kamun.org or contact us at secretariat@kamun.org