If you’re interested in joining the society, we are having weekly meetings every Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the Launchpad of PionierGarage. Of course, you can also always contact us via email vorstand@munika.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Our association formed with the aim of uniting students with a common interest in Model United Nations. And while that aim still persists, our scopes of achieving it have expanded. We started out with providing our members a platform to organise joint trips to international conferences – and now we’re introducing regular debate sessions as well as MUN related trainings and workshop.

Asides from that, we’re really proud of organising our own conference here in Karlsruhe, the KAMUN. At this years KAMUN „100 years of MUN“ we are going to celebrate 100 years of intense debate, 100 years of 1000 of people getting together and 100 years of great experiences.

When? From november 12th to november 14th, exactly 100 years after the first students gathered to simulated the League of Nations.

Where? Of course, in our beautiful Karlsruhe!

To particitpate you can sign up right here.

For more information about our conference klick right here.

It is one of our deepest convictions that our association remains open for anyone and everyone – becoming a member does not bring any obligations with it. There’s a small fee of 10 Euro per semester attached, which is used to finance common socials as well as financially support members attending conferences.

You can’t make it? No worries, hit us up at info@munika.org or on Instagram: @munika_ev. As our events are open for anybody to join, we surely will be able to figure out a way to introduce you to our society!

Here you can find our full schedule for the upcoming semester.

Foreign and exchange students are especially welcome to join as well!