Modul United Nations – what a chunky assimilation of words that is. Explaining it as precise as possible, it is an academic simulation of the United Nations, where participants from all over the globe assume the role of a delegate of their chosen country – and then discuss global issues and challenges from that country’s perspective.

This happens in the context of international conferences found all over the world: London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo – basically in every major city you will find an active MUN society and the corresponding, often yearly conference organised by them.

The actual work at MUN takes place in the fictitious counterparts to the UN committees – their size can range from a contemplative 15 people in a UN Security Council to several hundred delegates in a General Assembly at Harvard World MUN.

Just like their real embodiments, the different committees at a MUN try to find a solution to a given problem by adopting a „resolution“ – the final statement of the committee on a certain topic, so to say. However, the goal of the individual delegates often differ – as they are trying hard to influence the committees decision towards favoring their own country’s position, making for a dynamic and exciting atmosphere.

Before diving into the conference, a delegate usually prepares himself well for the topic at hand, doing research, reading literature, writing his country’s position paper and sometimes even already a draft for a favorable resolution.

Debate and conferences itself mostly take place in English, it being the official language of the United Nations after all. You may however also find some conferences in German (or any other local language).

A big part of the MUN experience is diplomatic conduct and behaviour – as you will meet a lot of new people from the most different regions and cultures, it is essential to greet them with respect and interest.