What is so special about Harvard WorldMUN?

From all the MUN conferences taking place all over the world every year WorldMUN distinguishes by some particular features. One of these is the cultural diversity of the participants which contributes to the authenticity of this event. Financial aid is provided to those delegates who could not afford the costs of attending the conference otherwise. This concept ensures an almost equal representation of all continents. It doesn’t matter whether you are from one of the American or British top schools – such as Harvard, Yale or Oxford – or from an unknown university in some developing country. Of course, German universities are sending delegates, too. Most of them are enrolled in humanistic programs and accompanied by faculty. In 2004 the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (formerly University of Karlsruhe) was one of the first technical universities in Germany to be represented at MUN conferences. Preparation, organization and fundraising were completely dealt with by the students themselves.

Professional preparation and a thorough selection of the topics of the debates ensure a quality of the discussions that is even above the level of the renowned European MUN conferences.
Last, but not least WorldMUN conferences excel by being organized in cooperation of Harvard University and another school, which changes every year. This way the conference takes place in a different location around the globe which emphasizes the internationality of WordMUN.