Who is Munika?

We are a student group in Karlsruhe that was formed by people with a common interest in Model United Nations (MUN). In the beginning Munika was just a way for students to find others interested in going to MUN conferences together. Now we also do weekly sessions, social events as a student group and our own MUN conference, the KAMUN. In our sessions we introduce MUN to new people, debate current topics and prepare for conferences. We also try to raise funds to support our members going to conferences, so doing international MUN conferences becomes more accessible for everyone.

If you are new to Model United Nations or an old MUN veteran, you are welcome to join Munika. We often send delegations to conferences so beginners have a group of familiar people to go to a first conference, and we also try to send delegations to some more challenging conferences, such as NYMUN and WorldMUN. So what are you waiting for? Visit one of our sessions to find out more and get to know us!

This year’s kick-off meeting will be on the 2th November 2020.

How do I join Munika?

Model United Nations Initiative Karlsruhe e.V. is a registered German non-profit organization. To join you have to pay a small membership fee (10€ per semester), but you are welcome to join our sessions without being a member.

Here are all the documents you need to join: