Model United Nations conferences take place in all over the world. For sure, annual highlights are the two largest conferences: Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) whose venue is newly elected each year and the international conference in Oxford (Oximun). But it is not only the major conferences that make up the charm of the MUN idea. Once a year we organize the KAMUN, our Karlsruhe equivalent to the large conferences. The principle of the KAMUN is simple: Take highly committed students from all over Europe with the most diverse study backgrounds and a highly controversial topic, that pushes the limits of political diplomacy. Add typical Baden culinary specialties and a pinch of social events as well as another ingredient – the MUN-spirit – and you get the recipe for success of this year’s Model United Nations Conference in Karlsruhe.

Committee Discussions

We regularly offer committee discussions, representing the ideal preparation for conference participations, to which we warmly welcome and invite students from all disciplines. These follow the procedure of a real conference with chairs and delegates from a variety of countries and designing resolutions according to the rules of the UN. This allows interested participants to slip into the role of a diplomat of a given country in discussion and lobbying rounds. The biweekly committee discussions therefore provide sort of a rehearsal for the actual conferences. If you are politically motivated, would like to enter the floors of international diplomacy yourself, want to improve your English rhetoric and are interested to actively participate in our university group, we would be delighted to welcome you with no obligation at one of our meetings.