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Each MUNIKA member gets a firstname.lastname [ät] email address. Once you get your password, you can access your mails at You can use your address (and only that one) to send an email to all activate MUNIKA members by sending it to munika [ät] 

In order to stay up to date with MUNIKA you should connect the account to a desktop email program (like Outlook) or a smartphone app. Alternatively you can redirect all emails to another email address that you check more often. After logging in into strato click on the three horizontal bars on the top right and go to the menu point E-Mail > Filterregeln. Here you can add a new rule "Neue Regel hinzufügen". Enter an arbitrary Regel-Name and click on the link "Aktion hinzufügen" > "Umleiten nach". Now enter your other email address and click "Speichern"



For both MUNIKA ( in general as well as KAMUN ( in particular we use slack. Have some existing member of slack send you an invite link to your email address and register. Here you should subscribe to all the channels of topics (e.g. "orga", "website", ...) that you work on. You can also install the corresponding smartphone app and add your accounts. 


Social Media

We have an internal Whatsapp group for fun and everything else. If you are using Whatsapp and like to join ask somebody to add you. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


You have spent money for our association? - Thanks. Nah, we will give it back. Please fill out this form. We also want to support you when you go to conferences. In order to get support for your travelling expenses fill out this form. Depending on how much money we have at the end of the semester you might get more or less.