In 2012 the capitol city of British Columbia was hosting one of the biggest and, in our opinion, greatest Model United Nations Conference. Over 2500 Students went 4 days to Vancouver to learn more about the United Nations and simulate being a diplomat.

Right at the airport when 13 members of our group were received by WorldMUN-helpers, you could feel the anticipation – we finally arrived in Vancouver. This year our group was representing Libya and Syria in different subsidiary bodies of the General Assembly. Some members of our group even accepted the challenge to represent historical figures or non-governmental organizations.

During the intense preparation phase we were learning about global politics and about the political position of the country we are going to represent in Vancouver. At the WorldMUN conference, we had to stand up to the other delegates but also convince them of our position and come to a compromise the majority of the other countries could agree with.
Since the Arab Spring, Libya is the prime example of pursuit of liberty. We had contentious debates with the United States of America about Israel and Palestine and while you could notice the uneasy relationships with Russia in other committees, one of our members rekindled with her committee the Tsardom of Russia.

In the evenings at the social events we were showing the delegation from Karlruhe as friendly and open-minded as possible. Already at the first evening a lot of different nations noticed us, our sponsors and the give-aways at our own stand at the Global Village.
One of the Highlights was visiting Whistler, one of the most prestigious ski resorts in North America. The masque ball we attended there was hard to beat for glamour. Even during the festivities people were forming alliances for the next day and talking about the resolution drafts. Especially the new delegates enjoyed the last day of the conference – passing the resolutions and 2500 students discussing about their opinions, impressions and experiences during the conference. The feeling of the world moving closer together was within grasp.

Not only the friendships with people from all over the world, but also the small highlights inside and outside the committees have made the WorldMUN 2012 a unique experience for every delegate.