Sunday, March 17th, 2013: Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne. The fascination of Formula 1 attracted thousands of visitors from around the world to South Australia for this one weekend. For many others, this day will be remembered for something very different: St. Patricks Day. On this said Sunday, thousands of people celebrated this infamous event not only in Ireland, but in Melbourne and around the world.

However, the fact that that same Sunday, eight Karlsruhe students met in the lobby of a backpacker hostel in the heart of Melbourne around noon was independent of both the Formula 1 race and St. Patrick’s Day. The aim of this trip was the Harved World Model United Nations Conference, which was to be held in Australia for the first time in 2013.
More than 2000 students from more than 200 universities in 65 countries united (and reunited) to jointly simulate the work of the United Nations and to develop advanced resolutions on various global political topics. For the first time ever, the Harvard World MUN Conference was officially sponsored by the UN – the fact that the resolutions to be worked upon during the coming days would be submitted to the respective ‘real’ committees afterwards was a special motivation for all participating MUNIKA members.

Correspondingly, our eight delegates fully committed themselves to the honourable and exceedingly challenging task of representing Ireland in the various committees of WorldMUN. The aforementioned St. Patrick’s Day was taken very seriously by the Irish Delegation, which, this goes without saying, comes with certain obligations during the welcome event that same night!