The Mannheim Model United Nations Conference can clearly be described as one of our favourite conferences! Besides the fact, that it is only a 45 Minute drive from Karlsruhe, which makes the participation very easy for us to organize, it is also just a great conference with more than 100 delegates, 4 committees and awesome Social Events. This makes the perfect mix of substantial quality debates, meeting new people from places you just wouldn’t expect, and a familiar atmosphere during the evening activities.

In 2013, the MUNIKA decided to be present with 3 delegates and the three delegates did not regret their decision at all. Striving through diplomatic challenges, easing top-class international conflicts, handling the difficulties of a crisis committee, nothing was given to the Karlsruhe Delegates in this conference. At the same time, with the famous Karlsruhe Stickers, the Delegation was present at any time during the conference!

We really appreciate the close cooperation with the Mannheim MUN Delegation. We enthusiastically enjoy seeing their Delegates at every KaMUN as well as we enjoy each participation at MaMUN. Thanks for organizing this great conference!