Outrageous storms were expected to hit Hamburg during the HamMUN 2013 Conference from 5th to 8th of December. Flood warnings made the news, supposingly even worse than 1962, when Hamburg was hit by the biggest spring tide ever. Fortunately everything went well, and a smooth conference could be held, and the MUNIKA Delegation, consisting of the Head Delegate Norman Neupert, together with Johannes Hain and Praharsh Agarwal planned to play a major role in the upcoming debates! Also Laura Carolin Freitag was very excited because she was going to be a chair at HamMUN 2013. Right from the first day, every single MUNIKA Delegate got involved in forming alliances, resolution writing and meeting a lot of new people. Laura got the chance to chair Global Impact at HamMUN 2013. Besides the fact, the committee managed to find one of the best and most sufficient resolutions of the entire conference, in the end Laura was not just seen as their chair, but as their supporter and friend! By representing UK in Council of the European Union, Johannes Hain played a special role in his committee. Not just his countless speeches, but his valuable inputs influenced the final resolution significantly! Praharsh Agarwal, being one of our experienced MUNIKA members, won the Best Delegate Award in his committee ASEAN, representing China as an observer state! By the end of the conference, he was known by every single delegate in Hamburg, since his performances in and out of the committee room can without any difficulty be described as legendary! Norman Neupert had the opportunity to take part in one of the most exciting committees offered at HamMUN 2013, the Security Council Crisis committee. And he was not representing any other Nation but the People’s Republic of China! Although several drone and cyber attacks shook the world during the ongoing crisis, on Sunday the Security Council had managed to make the way for a world full of peace and sustainability. With an Award and with a long weekend full of experiences, the MUNIKA stood the storm in the most professional manner.