For the first time ever, the MUNIKA attended the prestigious Cambridge International Model United Nations held from 29 November to 1 December,2013. The conference was attended by 400 delegates from across the globe including some who travelled all the way from Indonesia, Pakistan, India and the United States. The MUNIKA delegation comprised only two members namely Laura Carolin Freitag who was one of three chairs of the Human Rights Council and Praharsh Agarwal who represented Mexico in the International Monetary Fund. We arrived ahead of schedule in Cambridge and took our time to walk around the historic city of Cambridge after registration. The city is indeed a flawless amalgamation of tradition and modernity. While the University is making great strides in the field of innovation and technology, so many aspects of the city seem to be completely untouched for centuries together! The opening ceremony was held in the Cambridge Union building with some eloquent speeches from the Secretary General, Sir Richard Dearlove (Former head of the British Intelligence Services) and Mr. Witold Sobkow (Polish Ambassador to Britain). It was indeed very interesting to hear their opinions on diplomacy and they answered some very intelligent questions put forward by the Delegates. The Human Rights Council discussed a very contemporary issue of the Right to Internet. The debate was progressive and Laura emerged as a very competent Chair even though this was her very first time chairing a foreign conference. In fact, the debate was so good at times that Laura felt the urge to change positions from a Chair to a Delegate! The debate in the International Monetary Fund was riveting and most delegates were extremely well prepared. The committee debated about the Euro Crises and it took a lot of time to build consensus on many issues. At the end, Praharsh emerged as the Distinguished Delegate. Furthermore, the socials blended well with the debate and gave us a chance to unwind. On the first night, the Black tie reception was held in the Hilton Hotel and the following night a formal dinner was held at different Cambridge Colleges which was indeed very lavish. In essence, the entire experience was very enriching and the MUNIKA made a great first impression at the Cambridge MUN which will definitely be upheld by the future delegations!