“We have more development success stories than ever before. The transformative impact of the MDGs is undeniable. This is an achievement we can be proud of. But […] the clock is ticking, with much more to do.”

This mission, proclaimed by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, was taken serious by the organizers of the Budapest Model United Nations (BIMUN), who made the Sustainable Development Goals the main theme of this year’s conference. Taking place in one of the most beautiful European cities the conference was open to about 200 students and 400 pupils from all around the world. We were a delegation of seven students, all well prepared and eager to represent our assigned countries in the challenging process of finding solutions to the given problems. The discussions covered a broad selection of up-to-date topics and ranged from economic related topics such as “digital currency and the potential impact on the economy“ to social issues like “immigration and integration into the EU“. Discussions and negotiations were really challenging and several heated debates occurednbut after the official debates and during the social events even the strongest opponent turned out to be a good friend. During the diplomatic soiree and the official party, which took place on a Danube vessel, we got to know a lot of foreign students and exchanged ideas and experiences. Another great occasion to get in touch with Hungarian culture were two Hungarian students who accompanied us as our supervisors. They showed us some special places in Budapest and told us a lot about their city. We learned that the city is divided into two parts by the river: Buda, the mountainous area with the Castle Quarter and the Fishermen Bastion; and Pest, the city centre with many sites of interest such as the Parliament, the Opera or the Heroes’ Square. We also realized that Hungarian is a really difficult language and hard to learn. But after various pronunciation lessons given by our Hungarian supervisors we were at least able to pronunce „Egészségedre“ which is used for cheers and when someone sneezes.

It was the first time for a Karlsruhe delegation to take part in BIMUN and it was a great chance for some of our first-timers to get started with international MUN conferences. Being able to take part in such a great international environment with people from all over the world and discussing important topics with impact beyond national boundaries was a great enhancement for all participants and we are really looking forward to possibly see some of them again at our own conference, the KAMUN 2014.