With a view to expand our MUN horizon, the MUNIKA participated in the first ever Berlin International MUN held for a week in August 2012.

The delegation comprised two members namely Laura Carolin Freitag and Praharsh Agarwal. We were very skeptical in the beginning about the quality of the conference as it was a new conference but were pleasantly surprised on reaching Berlin. At the end, it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable learning experiences for both Laura and Praharsh.

Laura represented the Russian Federation in the Human Rights Council while Praharsh assumed the double role of the International Monetary Fund and the State of Israel in the Economic and Social Council. Praharsh played the role of a mediator between the African countries and the European countries during the first topic which was concerned with improving African economies and a unanimous resolution was passed. The second topic entailed a controversial debate on the Israel-Palestine conflict and Praharsh found himself cornered owing to the absence of United States but did his best to defend the Israeli position. In the Human Rights Council, Laura played a pivotal role in passing a resolution on the topic of involvement of children in armed conflict. On the second topic of homosexual marriages, Laura skillfully walked the thin line between maintaining the Russian position and contributing progressively to the debate. This was widely acknowledged and appreciated by the council and the Chairs.

Apart from the debates, the secretariat had organized amazing social events across the five days in all interesting parts of Berlin including a Karaoke night which was indeed the highlight of the week. Moreover, accommodation for all delegates was organized in one single hostel near the Alexanderplatz which was extremely conducive to interaction with other delegates. It would be safe to say that both Laura and Praharsh made some developed some great friendships through the course of the conference.

Finally, it would be worthwhile to mention that MUNiKA pulled of a perfect 2/2 in the conference with both delegates winning awards. Laura received the Best Delegate award while Praharsh received the Distinguished Delegate award.

Hopefully, the MUNiKA will be able to make it to Berlin International MUN more often!